Nantucket Red

red by Leila Howland

published by Disney-Hyperion

Cricket’s hard work on the lacrosse field and hitting the books to  get good grades is paying off. She got into Brown University, she will start in the fall and even won a spot on its lacrosse team. The icing on the cake is a scholarship that will help pay for almost everything!

Cricket is offered a summer job that promises some major bucks that can be used to live on and make life at Brown a little easier. So what does she do? She packs her stuff and heads back to Nantucket for some summer work and fun.

Cricket and Zack are on the rocks, so is her friendship with her best friend, so to see them on the island makes it a little awkward. She also starts up a great friendship with the cute bartender Ben. Along with that friendship is some major flirting and Ben is like no one else she usually hangs out with he encourages her to be less rigid and more free.

Cricket abandons all her rules and for one night really lets free with her best friend. The problem is this one night of total freedom and not thinking things through might have just cost her everything she worked so hard for. Brown is wanting answers and if she can’t provide the right ones she just might be done before she even began.

This book was good and one you don’t have to read the first book Nantucket Blue to understand. I know because I hadn’t, I have it now and plan to read it. This book does cover some adult topics and situations so use you can decide if  you want your middle school aged teen to read it.

thank you Disney-Hyperion for allowing me to review this book.