The Distance Between Us

by Kasie West

Published by HarperTeen


The Distance Between Us is a modern-day Cinderella complete with the poor girl and rich boy. The only difference in this one is at least the mom is alive {which is so rare in those Disney movies}.

17-year-old Cayman Meyers works in a doll shop in a small town. Not just any old doll shop it’s her moms so in a way it’s her’s also. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a doll shop but she also doesn’t want to disappoint her mom.

Xander is a rich boy who is being groomed to take over the family’s business also, however for him that means 500+ hotels. He doesn’t want to do that and does everything in his power to make his dad mad.

While running an errand for his mom he meets Cayman and there is an instant attraction between them. Can their budding romance survive her best friends that are a little different from what Xander is use to? Can it survive his snobby stuck up friends and some family? They will have to fight and work hard towards what they really want in life and decide what they really want!

This is a  great book that is a fast read. Perfect for this summer’s reading list for any teen or upper middle school. It does contain 1 very small scene about 1 paragraph where he lifts her onto his kitchen counter and they are kissing and such but really it’s no different then the motel bed scene that is in Fault in Our Stars. I let my 8th grader read Fault in Our Stars and I’d let her read this one if she ask.