The Raft

by S.A. Bodeen

the raft

Robie lives on a remote island  called Midway Atoll of the Pacific. Her parents are research biologist for a wildlife refuge. Every things she is lucky when they hear that she lives on the island, is homeschooled and hangs out with dolphins, monk seals and albatross. Hey my girls thought that sounds like a wonderful magical place.

However Robie is like most teens, she gets antsy with out any real tv or internet.So she visits her aunt AJ in Honolulu for a month. She’s done this many times so why should this time be any different. Aunt AJ gets a job that she simply can’t turn down and has to head to LA. Since Robie only has 1 more week, she talks her aunt into letting her stay in her apartment alone. Aunt AJ’s friend is supposed to stop in daily to check on her. However that fall through. Robie is happy to hear it but soon gets bored. She decides to head out to McDonald’s for dinner 1 night.

Things get scary and she decides to pack up and head back home. However that run in on the mainland wasn’t scary compared to what she is about to face.

Robie soon is in a fight for her life and all alone in this fight. She does everything she can think of to stay sane and alert. Lucky for Robie she is a fighter. I also think her unconventional upbringing and lifestyle helps her in the end. Robie just goes to show just because we are girls don’t count us out when it comes down to nitty-gritty survival! We tough cookies and can do just about anything a boy can do! 🙂

The Raft is a great book! I enjoyed it very much and think your middle or high school age would enjoy this book! Hey I think even you would. This book would appeal to teens, and adults alike! Make it a summer reading book for you to enjoy together. There are a lot of talking/discussion points I saw while reading it that could lead to some interesting survival type talks.