Running Out of Night

by Sharon Lovejoy


Journey of an abused twelve-year-old white girl and an escaped slave girl who run away together and form a bond of friendship while seeking freedom.

When I first got this book from Random House I wasn’t to sure about it to be honest. I am not a Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer fan because of the written dialect. It trips me up and I want to change it in my head. However I’m always one who will read a new book, especially a surprise book mail book! 🙂  Plus I love her garden books so I was very interested to read her children’s lit book.

Running Out of Night was wonderful! LOVED it, and the way Sharon Lovejoy writes the dialect flowed and didn’t bother me at all! Running Out of Night is a great historical fiction book that is perfect for upper elementary ( 4th grade, 3rd grade strong readers) to middle school ( I would even say all the way to 8th grade). It is an emotional book with some touchy subjects so it might be a bit upsetting or not suited for tender hearted kids. Sharon does a wonderful job at writing about a very sad time in history. One I wish would have never happened.

Running Out of Night grabbed me on the first page and held me captive till I finished it. Her writing style really has you envisioning all the world around these 2 girls on the journey to escape to freedom. They are on the run to escape slavery and abuse that both girls have experienced on a day to day basis from family members for one girl (no name girl) and slave owners for another girl (Zenobia). Neither one of them has had a life really, or a true friend that they can lean on and count on. All that changes and just when they need each other the most. This book is about friendship between Zenobia the slave girl and no name girl. Zenobia names no name girl Lark and they become each others rock and protectors. Everyone needs that friend they can count on to have each others back. Especially during tough times, when you feel so alone and like no one is there for you.  You will be rooting for Lark and Zenobia and wanting to take peeks ahead to make sure everything is going alright with these two very brave girls, But don’t peek! 🙂

I loved this book and would suggest it to anyone who has a child who loves historical fiction, even an adult would love this book! I hope this becomes a best seller and classic that is read over and over throughout the years. Come to think of it I know this will become a best seller and classic that is read over and over in homes and schools!

thank you so very much Random House for sending me a copy! I am so happy to have this one on my bookshelf! I know it will be on my go to book list for gifts this coming year! While I received the book for free it in no way influenced my review all thoughts and opinions are my own.