Time Flies

illustrated by Eric Rohman

Wordless Picture Book Wednesday

Notable Children’s Book 1995


Follow a little birds journey and adventure into the land of the dinosaurs.  A bird flies into a dinosaur exhibit at a local museum. While perched on top of a t-rex’s tooth. After the bird takes off and soars through the museum you see the place through the imagination of the little bird.

The little bird is imagining what it would be like to fly with the first birds. Imagining that he/she is a pterosaurs or other dinosaur bird. While soaring in and out of the different exhibits within the museum the book ends with the bird flying right into the mouth of the t-rex the book started with. Little bird decides it is time to leave and join the birds of today.

This picture book is great and lends itself to some great discussions and story telling.

Some Discussion Questions you could use as prompts for read aloud time:

  • See if your child or students can name the dinosaurs  that are included in the book? You’d be amazed at how well they can say these incredibly hard names.
  • Compare what it was like between Land of the Dinosaurs and Today
  • Ask why they think the bird pretended to be flying with the big dinosaur birds?
  • Do they think the little bird will come back to the museum and play again?