by Alice Hoffman
Published by
Upper Elementary to YA

Twig, aged twelve, is practically ignored by classmates and other residents of Sidwell, Massachusetts, but gets along fine with just her mother and brother, whose presence must be kept secret, until descendants of the witch who cursed her family move in next door and want to be her friends.

Nightbird is simply magical! I’ve never read any books by Alice Hoffman so this was my introduction. If she writes all her books like Nightbird than I need to read more from her! 

She writes with such flair and detail that the reader is transported to Sidwell. Twig is a sweet girl that hasn’t had it easy. She has had to live a life that is not a usual one. Being 12 is hard enough but made even harder when you have a family secret that can’t get out.
Twig and the eccentric characters of Sidwell are fun to read about and keep the reader’s attention. Nightbird is told from Twigs point of view. She is interested in her family history and the curse, and now that they are back in her families hometown maybe she can find out more. Nightbird is about friendship, family and growing up. It is also has a splash of magic fable to it. Through out the book you hear all about this pie that sounds so delicious. You will be craving Pink Apple Pie the whole time your reading and even after your done. I really wanted to try that pie and lucky for me and the readers you can since the recipe is included in the back of the book. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat Pink Apple Pie! 

Nightbird was written for middle school however I really think some high school YA readers might like this one also. There is nothing in the book that would be inappropriate for upper elementary school readers (4th and 5th grade) my youngest wants tor read this and I would let her. I really think this book appeals to many readers of different ranges. It would be great for bedtime read aloud if your upper elementary school kids allow that. I know mine really just wants to read all the books herself.  

thank you Random House for allowing me to read Nightbird. This is one I’m so happy to have on my bookshelf and one I know I will read again. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no way influenced by the free book.