The Pirate of Kindergarten

by George Ella Lyon

illustrated by Lynne Avril

published by Simon and Schuster Kids


The Pirate of Kindergarten is not about pirates it is a sweet picture book about a girl in kindergarten who see’s double of everything. She has double vision but never knew till one day in kindergarten they class had to take an eye test. Ginny always thought everyone saw double everything. She was fine if she put her nose in the book literally. She was fine if she squinted or closed 1 eye but with both eyes open there was trouble.

She couldn’t walk to reading circle which she loved without bumping into the chairs, she couldn’t read a book with putting her nose right up the page or closing 1 eye, the teacher always told her not to do these things. Cutting with scissors was super hard and she never knew any different.

Thanks to the school nurse she could get help and correct her double vision. She got to wear a patch and became the pirate of kindergarten. One that could do everything and only saw 1 of everything.

This picture book is a sweet book that would be great to read the first few days or week of school, if you have a student that wears a patch. A great picture book with a sweet message and explanation that helps kids understand.