Toys Meet Snow

Being the Wintertime Adventures of a Curious Stuffed Buffalo, a Sensitive Plush Stingray, and a Book-loving Rubber Ball

by Emily Jenkins

illustrated by Paul O. Zelinksky

Give the Gift of Reading 2015

toys meet snow 1


Many of you might not know but Emily Jenkins a whole series of beginning chapter books based on the lovable Buffalo, Stingray and Book Loving Rubber Ball. They are great for read aloud to young preschool aged kids to even elementary ages. They contain short chapters and lots of colorful pictures. Toys Meet Snow is a bit of a departure from that since it is a picture book. However Emily Jenkins keeps up with their adorable fun adventures.

toys meet snow 2

Toys Meet Snow captures childhood wonder of the first snow fall. Buffalo,  Stingray, Book Loving Rubber Ball (whose name is Plastic) enjoy all the wonder and excitement with the way the world looks under a blanket of snow. Buffalo is just like young toddlers and preschooler’s full of questions.  Stingray are more whimsical with its thoughts, ideas and observations of the falling snow. From it being “It’s a blanket of peace over the world” said Stingray to ” A snowflake is a tiny ballerina” says Stingray “If you look closely, you can see it dance.” Book Loving Rubber Ball has read all about snow and snowflakes in books and gives the real book answers, it is the voice of reason among the friends. My favorite part is the sunset page. Grab the book and find out the perfect description of a sunset I’ve ever read, thank you Stingray for your thoughts!

This book would be great for a snow day box full of fun goodies to get out each year on the first snow fall. You could do so much with Toys Meet Snow as well as all her other books in the Toy’s series. Get a copy for your bookshelf, classroom or as a teacher/class gift.

thank you Random House, Emily Jenkins and Paul O Zelinksky for allowing us to review this magical picture book. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book.