Ninja Timmy

written and illustrated by Henrik Tamm

Ninja Timmy


Ninja Timmy is a big chapter book with beautiful full color illustrations. This book is geared more towards the upper elementary reader or as a read aloud for younger listeners. The illustrations are amazing and really enhance the story and make really come to life. This book is full of adventures and animals. Ninja Timmy reminds me of a tamer Warriors books. I really enjoyed reading about the group of animals journeys. From Ninja Timmy the kitty and his best friend Simon the mink to Jasper and Casper little piglets and many more. This book is has a group of friends that band together to fight of the evil in their neighborhood. It has a tiny bit of romance but it is very tame and really I think most kids would brush right over it and not really tell. Ninja Timmy is great for boys and girls from mid elementary to middle school. If your kids love animal adventure books where the animals have human like qualities than Ninja Timmy is perfect for them. They will get a fun little adventure to read about and some beautiful illustrations that make the story that much more.

ninja timmy Collage

summary: Timmy the cat, his pal Simon the mink, and the pig brothers Jasper and Casper are inventors, and they’re hoping to sell their fabulous new contraption to a local merchant. With high hopes, they haul their machine through the crowded streets of Elyzandrium—and are promptly robbed by a gang of bullies. With the help of two new friends, Alfred, a kindly old toymaker, and Flores, a skilled cat pilot, Timmy and his pals set out to get back what is rightfully theirs. As it turns out, they’re not the only victims of these dastardly criminals. But what can this band of misfits do?

thank you Random House Kids for sending me a copy of Ninja Timmy. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book.