PB&J Hooray

Your Sandwiches Amazing Journey from Farm to Table

by Janet Nolan

illustrated by Julia Patton

PB&J Hooray


This is a cute little picture book that is full of information. It is presented in an easy to follow format for the younger listeners and not to many big words for beginning readers. There is a part of the book that becomes a chant that can be found throughout the book that I can see being a lot of fun for kids to say along with the reader.

PB&J Hooray tells the story of how the PB&J sandwich comes about. From the trip to the grocery store to buy the ingredients to the delivery truck that get’s it from the bakery and factory. It talks about how the peanuts, grapes and wheat grow to become the key ingredients in this yummy sandwich. This book is a great way to get kids thinking about what all it takes to make their favorite dishes. It’s never too early to get kids thinking about healthy choices and the journey from the farm to the table.

summary: From peanut, grape, and wheat seeds to sandwich, PB&J Hooray! is all about how peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made. The story begins with the kitchen and works backward to the shopping, delivery, production, harvesting, farming, and planting processes! In fun, rhythmic language, readers discover how peanuts become peanut butter, grapes are made into jelly, and wheat turns into bread.