Wish You Were Italian

If Only {series}

by Kristin Rae

published by Bloombury


Wish You were Italian is a sweet fun book to add to your summer reading list. This one is perfect for you or your teen and you will both enjoy it. It made me want 3 things: 1: Gelato, oh how I’m grabbing some next time I go to the store; 2: learn the Italian language, I even have the app, have had it for a while now maybe now I’ll use it. and 3: I want that fun journal that her friend made her for the trip. I am totally making them for my girls next summer! OK on to the review

Pippa is getting a chance to spend the WHOLE summer in Italy, however not on her own terms. She has to go to an art school to study the great artist since her parents are opening an art gallery and she has to work in it no matter what. However Pippa doesn’t want to study the paintings and art she wants to create it herself with her photography. She also wants to explore Italy and immerse herself in it not sit in a class room all summer. However her mom will hear nothing more and sends her off on a trip.

Pippa’s friend Morgan makes an awesome journal that not only helps her journal her adventures aboard but helps her step out of her comfort zone. That coupled with her dad giving her lots of cash she decides she is going to skip art school and really study Italy and cross a few things off the bucket list she had to create as assignment 1 in the journal.

Along the way she has to create a way to not make her family suspicious, check in regularly with her friend, figure out a way to afford this adventure for the next 3 months all on her own and alone. She meets some great people, gets a semi home away from home, a fun job, a best friend in Chiara, and maybe a guy or 2!

This book is so cute, grab a copy from your local library or book store and add it to your summer reading. Wish You Were Italian is perfect for a fun day of reading, there were many times I was laughing aloud and my 13 yr old was asking what is going on. She is planning on reading it this weekend.

Plus her Italian friend Chiara gives her some great advice when Pippa was thinking she might have made a big mistake. “You have chosen, now you must live your choice. Regret changes nothing. Only makes you sick. Keeps you awake at night.” This is so true!

I found this at my local library while surfing through all the new releases one morning. I love doing that when the house is quiet, sip my tea and find some great new reads.
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