There are so many amazing wordless picture books. I love using wordless books with kids of all ages. The story can become their own. They can use the illustrations to create their own story. The younger kids can use the wordless picture book to really take a look at the book and tell you what they think the book or each picture is about and trying to say.

My girls loved creating stories with their wordless books. I wrote a whole college paper for my children’s lit class about how wordless books create “writers” and “readers”.


illustrated by Aaron Becker

A 2014 Caldecott Honor Book


Journey is kind of modern-day Harold and the Purple Crayon but with way better illustrations according to my 8-year-old. Journey follows a girl who is bored and maybe a bit lonely. Her mom is busy on the phone and making dinner, dad is on the computer and big sister is busy playing a game or texting. So she goes to her dark room and is sad. She stumbles upon a red marker and creates a door on her wall. From that door she begins a journey that will take her a magic carpet ride, down a river, through a forest and a castle moat maze. She hops aboard a hot air balloon and more.

Journey is such a great story that kids (and adults) will enjoy. Journey is one of the picture books that has great detail in the illustrations.  Journey has many objects that kids will recognize right away, while a few might take a bit of time. Follow along 1 girls journey to fun and maybe even friendship.