The Distance between Lost and Found

by Kathryn Holmes

Sophomore Hallie Calhoun, her former friend Jonah, and her new friend Rachel leave a church youth group hike in the Great Smoky Mountains and become lost for five days, struggling to survive as Hallie finally speaks about the incident that made her a social pariah and Jonah admits why it hurt him so much.

The Distance Between Lost and Found was a fast paced, page turning book. The characters were likable, well all but the one you should hate Luke. This was published by Epic Reads but it does have a light christian fiction tone. You will be interested to read Hallie’s story and be routing for her on her journey through hope and healing. Three youth camp participates are on a hike and everything comes to a head and they decide to break the rules head back to the bus so they can get sent home from a camp they never wanted to go to in the first place. Hallelujah “Hallie”, Rachel, and Jonah take the wrong trail at the fork and get lost. Maybe getting lost was God’s plan so they could work through all that had gone on the past year. She is able to heal and become the old Hallie. Jonah is a great guy who took in a situation, story and didn’t ask questions. Sometimes things are not what they seem and there is more to what you see. Jonah feels bad for abandoning his best friend and believing the preachers son Luke. Rachel is a bit lost her parents fight none stop and are getting a divorce. One thing they all have in common is they all feel abandoned by God when they need him most.

I’m so glad I picked this up at my local library and was able to read it in 2 days. There are some touchy moments in the book when Hallie describes the assault on her by Luke. It doesn’t go into detail but does describe it vaguely. There is also talks about the bullying that Luke inflicted onto Hallie to keep her quiet about what he did. While this was not published by a Christian company it does talk about God. I liked that Epic Reads published a book that talks about God for teens.  I would say this would be OK upper middle school 8th grade or 9th and up.