Snow in Love

by Aimee Friedman –  Kasie West – Melissa De La Cruz – Nic Stone

I said I’d never read a Christmas / Hanukkah / Winter themed YA compilation again after Let It Snow. I didn’t like that book at all. However I’m a sucker for sweet holiday themed stories so I knew if I saw there was a new compilation made I’d check it out from the library. I’m so glad I did I really liked these stories, some more than others but they were all great.

SNOW AND MISTLETOE by Kasie West: ( 4 stars )  The first story in the book and the best one! I really loved everything about this story from Amalie and Sawyer secretly crushing on each other to the great road trip that followed. The story was sweet and innocent and a great way to start off this book. This was my favorite of the four.

WORKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND by Aimee Friedman:  ( 3 stars ) This story I guess was okay. I was happy to find out the main character Maxine was Jewish. There are so few Hanukkah books out there for teens. So I was excited to dive into it. However it didn’t really even touch Hanukkah this holiday and all the rich traditions that come with it. I guess in a way it did show us what’s it is like to have Christmas everywhere and very little Hanukkah anywhere.

THE MAGI’S GIFTS by Melissa De La Cruz: ( 2 stars ) I just didn’t click with this one. Nothing wrong with the story really just didn’t hook me like the first two.  I mean come on you sell a family heirloom to buy a gift for a friend and not get in trouble really!

GROUNDED by Nic Stone: ( 3.75 stars ) I super sweet cute story. I really enjoyed the storyline and characters. This was a first for me to read Nic Stone but I think I need to read more. If Nic Stone can write such a fully developed story in so few pages I really need to read one of their books and ASAP.


Holiday Jingles book bundle

by Christianne C. Jones

illustrated by Emma Randall

The Holiday Jingles board books are super cute, fun and interactive. They are mainly for the young listeners from toddler to preschool but really I think Kindergarten aged kids would have fun with these books also. Board books also make great beginning reader books since the sentence’s are short and the words are usually easy words and not difficult to read.

holiday jingles collage

I found these 4 adorable books through my local library. So hop on over to your online library catalog and see if your’s has them. If so put them on hold and have a fun time dancing your way through story time. If your library doesn’t have them you might want to buy these books they are just that cute and ones I can see kids loving and wanting to listen to and read for years to come. They are priced at $5.99 each which makes it affordable to pick up a book here and there or all at once depending. These would also make a great gift for young kids this holiday season.

The Santa Shimmy

The Santa Shimmy

Interactive board book, with rhyming text has the reader and listener do the

Santa shimmy and shake.

The Reindeer Dance

The Reindeer Dance

Interactive board book, with rhyming text, invites the reader and listener to dance and prance like reindeer

The Elf Boogie

The Elf Boogie

Interactive board book, with rhyming text, invites the reader and listener  to boogie right along with the elves as they get ready for Christmas


The Snowman Shuffle

The Snowman Shuffle

Interactive board book, with rhyming text, has the reader and listener spinning like a snowflake and doing the snowman shuffle.


How to Catch Santa

a holiday how to book…

by Jean Reagan

illustrated by Lee Wildish

How to Catch Santa


This picture book duo has written several how to books that are fun to read as well as listen to. They are great for story time, bed time or any time and now they have added a holiday themed book the series. How to Catch Santa  is sure to become to the go to book each Christmas season. I mean what kid hasn’t wanted to catch Santa, I know mine have.  The question’s in the book are all ones my kids have asked me and I’m sure I asked my mom also. The author gives kids many great ideas on capturing Santa’s attention long enough to get a hold of him. Then there are the been here clue’s like a trail of glitter to missing carrots. The text is funny and easy to read and holds the youngest of listener’s to the older readers. The illustrations are bright and colorful with cute drawings. It’s a win win in my book and one I would gift to families who are looking for cute Christmas books to add to their holiday collection.

summary: Two sibling narrators give clever tips for “catching” Santa (be crafty! be clever! be gentle!) on Christmas Eve.

thank you so much Random House Kids, Lee Wildish and Jean Reagan for allowing us to read and review How to Catch Santa. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

by Mariah Carey

illustrated by Colleen Madden

All I Want for Christmas Is You


All I Want for Christmas Is You is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs are my go to for getting into the holiday spirit. I love picture books and so this was book I was so excited to see and open, it was a very happy book mail day for me. This sweet picture book has you humming the tune long after your done reading it. If you have a singing voice you could sing right along with the pages, if you don’t than just read them as usual. Either way your little ones will enjoy this Christmas book. The illustrations are bold, bright and adorable! I loved the diversity shown through out the book and this one was fun one to read and really got me in the spirit of Christmas. A fun thing to do after reading All I Want For Christmas Is You would be to hop on spotify or youtube and play the Mariah Carey song. She has such an amazing voice and her Christmas songs are great to listen to!

summary: Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You, one of the bestselling and most beloved songs of all time, brings Christmas joy to countless listeners of all ages every year. And now its classic lyrics will bring that same holiday spirit to readers of all ages in this one-of-a-kind picture book about a young girl whose greatest Christmas wish is for a new puppy! Full of festive December moments with family, friends, presents, and of course, Santa Claus—and featuring lively yuletide illustrations alongside the complete song lyrics—All I Want for Christmas Is You will become a cherished part of your family’s Christmas traditions for many years to come.

The Christmas and Reindeer Wish

by Lori Evert

photos by Per Breiehagen

It’s that time of year again, when the magical holiday picture books start coming out. I never get tired of sweet little holiday books. Many people do the picture book countdown for advent and if you do than these are 2 books you need to include. The Christmas Wish and The Reindeer Wish are created by the same theme so the quality of the story and pictures are the same and they are truly wonderful. The author does a great job at telling an enchanting set of stories that while are lengthy they will captivate the reader and listener and will be read again and again. The pictures by the photographer are so pretty, ones I wish I could frame. They are just like an illustrated picture books however they used real life people and animals to recreate the story.

The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish

In The Christmas Wish you follow Anja’s journey to become one of Santa’s elves. She has always dreamed of that and decided that this was the year to do just that. With the help of a red cardinal they go about a long journey to the North Pole. Along the way she meets many beautiful animals that help her from a horse, musk ox to a polar bear ending with a reindeer. She finally gets her wish to meet Santa and he tells her she has already helped in so many ways with her kindness. Anja’s journey ends maybe not how she envisioned but always with a bit of magic.

The Reindeer Wish

The Reindeer Wish

In The Reindeer Wish you follow Anja through the 4 seasons, starting and ending with winter. Anja like most has always wanted a puppy but never has gotten one. She is chosen to care for a orphaned reindeer and together they grow and provide a friendship that each needs. However the reindeer Odin misses his reindeer upbringing and wants to play with other reindeer’s. So Anja while it makes her very sad to set him free she decides she needs help in making the right decision. She uses the magical bell that Santa gave her in The Christmas Wish and together they each get something they need and want.


thank you Random House Kids Lori Evert, Per Breiehagen and Anja for allowing us into the magical wish world. We will treasure these books. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free books.