The Night World

written and illustrated by  Mordicai Gerstein


A sleeping boy is woken up in the pre dawn hours by his cat. The book shows the cat and boy creeping through the house to go outside. All the illustrations till the end pages are done in dark blacks and grey’s with white lettering for the text of the story. The description the author/illustrator uses really helps the children who have never been up in the wee hours. The story goes on to reveal the beautiful rays of oranges, reads, pinks of purples of the glorious sun rise. This book is just wonderful between the illustrations and the text you really can imagine the dew of the grass on your bare feet, the night creatures and the paint brush sky that takes over the sky as the sun rises.

This book is perfect for bedtime or storytime.  What I think would be really neat is to read it one night at bedtime and then wake your little ones up and have them watch a sun rise.

This was a great library find and a great one at that. I love picture books and think this one is just magical.