You Call That Brave

by Lorenz Pauli
illustrated by Kathrin Scharer
published by NorthSouth
Preschool – Early Elementary


Who’s the bravest? A mouse, a frog, a snail, and a sparrow decide to find out. As each animal announces their daring feat, a naysayer teases: ‘You call that being brave?’ The animals soon learn that bravery is in the eye of the beholder — what’s fun for one can be a fearsome feat for another. When the final contestant, the brave sparrow, announces his bold plan, they all discover that courage truly comes in many different forms.

Follow a mouse, frog, snail, and sparrow as they face some of their biggest fears. They are able to conquer these fears with the help of their friends. Sometimes just being their to lead your support and congrats when they are done is just the push people need to face something scary. Everyone has a different fear or obstacle in life that they have to face at some point or another. This is a great book that talks about that and shows that it we need to lead a supportive ear and shoulder for our friends. You Call That Brave is a sweet story with a great message! The illustrations are sweet and fit the story perfectly. The characters are illustrated so cute and you are sure to think they are cute. We think mouse and Sparrow are the cutest. So happy I found this at our local library, not only did I find a sweet book but new author and illustrator. 🙂