Shipwreck Island

by S.A Booden

published by Macmillan Children’s Publishing

I knew I had to read and review this book as soon as I saw it was written by S.A. Booden. I loved the raft so much and have the rest of her published books on my tbr pile.

Shipwreck Island starts off with a blended family finally meeting for the first time. See Sarah’s mom passed away about 6 years ago and until now it’s always been Sarah and her dad. Well dad (John) meet a nice woman online and they dated off and on and got married. Sarah just learned of this and is meeting her new step mom and 2 brothers for the first time. Needless to say she is not a happy girl, Marco is not a happy boy and Nacho he loves that he got a new sibling. So 1 out of 3 kids is thrilled with the new arrangement those are not great odds right? Well to make the situation even more intense they are all going on vacation together! Wow that is going to be 1 fun vacation, trust me I speak from experience.

So the whole gang travels together and hits some obstacles since originally this trip was supposed to be a honeymoon for 2 and now its a family vacation for 5. They just have to make do with the circumstances they have before them. I mean once they get on the island and can relax, get to know each other and have fun everything will be alright? Right!?

What they didn’t count on was the boat they were taken to the island has seen better days, I mean really that picture on the brochure must be ancient. They also hadn’t counting on hit a massive, scary storm while on the ocean. While the family takes cover below deck along with the captain’s dog the boat is battered and torn. The lose the captain in the sea and it’s just them now. Can they find a way to all get along? Can they survive on an island till they are rescued? What is this island and why is so many scary, strange things happening? At least they still have Ahab the captain’s dog with them, he alerts them of any and all trouble before it happens.

Now if they can survive what they’ve named Shipwreck Island and become a family ┬áthis vacation just might not be a total disaster!

Shipwreck Island is a wonderful book that middle school and upper elementary will love! It has suspense, action, and drama. This book is for boys and girls and might just hook that reluctant reader!